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Finally The Fruit Of Daycare


Today was the day my heart saw fruit. Every day from 2 months old it would break as I left for work. The mornings filled with pressing into God who’s asked to walk this road. Praying often the my little would always feel the security of Gods presence & know the depths of my love.

Today he left my arms in a new house with new boys & a new sitter while his took some family time. Holding my breath I slipped away unnoticed, praying God would make him strong & courageous. His eyes caught my taillights, he shut the door, said bye bye & happily ran to make friends.

God sees not just the moment we’re in but the seasons we are about to enter in. Preparations he is daily forming in order to give us the richest fruit of every journey. As hard as those days have been, they’ve molded my babe into a lover of all people. He trusts the situations in which I place him without question. Never is he scared as I wave goodbye for his heart knows always will I come for him. The intensity of our relationship continues to astound me, never will I be able to see how tight our bond reaches. Those running feet, outstretched arms & wide smile daily fill my heart.

The roads may be tough, but the reward is sweet. Those who scoff or give false sympathy could never understand how greatly I love the blessings of this journey. Daily they pour out in an ocean of joy. I wish everyone could see how sweet it is to follow his prompting or callings. The pressing in of yesterday has brought us the fruit of today & are the preparations for the harvest of tomorrow. Never will I doubt our decision to follow God.

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