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Around My Home – Camping Round 1

They say when you camp with a baby you’re a bit crazy. I used to disagree, but now I can see where some level of insanity is needed to wade through the chaos. All in all camping with a kiddo is a great idea. It will test your patience. Especially when you’re my overly active 7.5 month old who eats literally everything…including chicken poop (praise God no ecoli). I can’t wait for this little guy to wander through the woods with his very own stick making up kingdoms & adventures for years to come. 

The big marshmallows are not that great actually. They tend to just make a ginormous sticky mess.

Props to my husband. We all made a camp decision it was not ok to not have coffee for the morning of camping.

Double Jammies are seriously the cutest thing ever! Although the munchkin did get board in his pack & prison quit often

Two of the most incredible people I know. Raquel is a single mom, full time worker, just finished her bachelors, still bakes cookies every week & makes two parent homes look lazy.
Props go to the hardest working, most loving mom I’ve ever met. EVER.

Although there were quit a few meltdowns, there are always the sweet moments tucked in between.

We picked up a PCT Hiker & were honored to have her stay with us for awhile. It was such a joy to share our space, food, beer & laughter with her. I loved watching her use her past maps to fuel the fire, it was so symbolic to her & beautiful to watch her heart speak.

EVERYONE needs to play an overly difficult game of outdoor camping croquet in their lifetime. So crazy frustrating & hilarious all at the same time.

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