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Exodus 14:14

My best friend sent this to me after I reached out for prayer. Her first text said “I have a verse for you. You’re not going to like it. You need this”….Exodus 14:14

This one. I struggle with it. I consider it the “I hear your prayers, I will fix this but you need to let me do my job” verse. It comes from when the Israelites are finally free, but are being chased because Pharos suddenly had second thoughts about releasing all his slaves. So they’re freaking out loosing their minds (I’d be a mess too) & God gives this word to Moses. Right after this God parts the sea, they cross, bad guys are swallowed by the water & they escape. 

But in those moments. Of chaos. Of agony. Of fear. Of trials. Of total freaking the heck out. We say a quick prayer & then try to fix it ourselves. We analyze, strategize, try to figure out how to do it on our own cause we demand instant results. We’re like toddlers who won’t let our parents help. We say oh Lord here is how I need you to fix this…waiting 30 seconds…no ok I’ll do it.

This is my year. Learning to rest. Learning to let him do his job. Learning to sit the heck down, probably pipe the heck down & definitely calm the heck down.

He WILL fight for us. We just have to sometimes stop interfering & give him room to do so.

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