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Endless Labor of Motherhood

Today was a holy day. My camera clicked as the most incredible woman welcomed her daughter into the world. God’s presence was thick as the mother in her was birthed forth. Tears fell to the floor, the room filled with joyous praise after the most emotional, intimate birth took place between a husband & wife.

Her prayers whispered in the midst of the quiet “God help me. God get me through. God please come”. We sat as he fell upon us. Yet it was the moment I realized that this labor, this birthing of motherhood does not end when our sweet babies leave the womb. We are met daily with the contractions of motherhood. Our labor of love daily endures as we serve our babes for years to come. Our souls wave back & forth between the contractions, resting breaks & occasionally transition.

The weary hit heavy as I drove home. As I began to serve my teething little my voice broke the silence with the same prayers. When we are met with days that seem as though they will never end, contraction. As our tired hands lift the sponge to dishes piled high, contraction. When our spirits reach the moment we have poured out all of ourselves, we cry out asking God to fill us as we cannot endure, transition.

And so he comes. Just as he did for that sweet mother in the wee hours of the morning. God meets us. He brings us through each contraction of life. Just as we are stretched physically in labor, we are stretched spiritually in this journey of motherhood. Yet once they have arrived no matter the trial, the weary, the pain, the tears. We can stare at that sweet face and know. If our heavenly father can bring us through a pain such as labor, surely he will meet us for one more day. One more contraction. One more transition. One more day. One more welcoming as we deliver more of our motherhood. 
Keep pushing mamas. Keep pushing.

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