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Ear Tubes For Elijah


Oh my sweet boy. You have taught me so much in the days hours of love, faith & fear. It is because of how fiercely our momma hearts love you that the fear of any moment without you grows. Yet it is through that same fear that we learn to walk in faith.

I used to pray while feeling you kick that God would give me the faith like Abraham to trust him with every aspect of your life. There are those moments that the fear can creep in so heavy yet we know our God is good & so we lay them down before his feet. It is through the fear that my faith grows, daily learning to trust every aspect of your life to him.

This is the grace we need to embrace. To accept the path of growing the soul. To give each other space to be stretched by God. To offer prayer when it seems so hard even if we don’t understand. Above all give space for the grace.

Today was ear tube day after a first hard year & at least 10 infections later. This day a culmination of working through that fear, in pressing forward in love. You are a strong boy, a teacher of my heart before you ever knew. Thank you for being my sweet boy, my little man & my strong soul.


Always a seeker. A social butterfly. A curious spirit. A total ham.

I never have to worry about this little boy & his love for people. He was born with wide eyes of wonder. So ever to interact with every new face he meets. His curious hands constantly exploring the world.

Daily he is growing & I can already see the independence coming. It gives me glimpses of how his spirit was created. Reminding me constantly to hold on every moment for those days are fleeting. He will discover this world without his momma all too soon.

So for now we talk over every new experience, we drop everything for snuggles & we play before anything is done. Oh my little one growing into a little boy. My heart will never be ready but my arms will always be open to wrap you up when you get to far.

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