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Don’t Rush The Process 

Here is where I am finding myself. Hot yoga. Pushing myself in 90 degree heat until I’m literally showered in sweat. Every inch of skin is soaking while my mind shuts down every part of its ADD to focus on the only the vital three. Holding poses, breathing & me. 

Her words today spoke to my heart as God revealed his truth “don’t rush the process”. Yes Jesus. Often we pray so fervently. Change him, change me, change them, hurry up God, faster, change me now, Now, NOW! Sometimes we pray in lines that grey between asking humbly & demanding results. We want to reach this place of radical transformation before the amen leaves our lips. Not that he is not able, but how much would we really grow if the journey was instant, short, swift. And over. Wouldn’t we crave to be back in that place of sweet dependence? Relying on him for every breath instead of breathing on our own without him? We’d miss that intimacy.

I look at the mat in downward dog, the tree staring back as I rain down sweat. No tree deeply rooted reached the heavens in a days, months or years time. It grew slowly. The roots grabbing hold in different areas as they ventured down. It was a process. A long process. With storms, summers, sun & rain filling the in between. Just as it grows slow, we are being molded. Our prayers being answered. We can see if we’d only stand still to look. Instead of clenching them tight in prayer while telling God to work faster.

There is purpose in the waiting. The longing. The valleys. The deserts. Don’t rush the process.

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