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Dishes & Bubbles

IMG_9292-0One of the greatest pieces of advice I’ve received: Walk life together.

Don’t try to keep them separately busy or entertained with activities. There’s not a lot of you please go do that while mommy does this in our home. Dishes done in half of the sink while bubbles full the other side. Learning about pouring, colors & imagination. Laundry is semi sorted & clumsily handed up. Sweeping gets done as I collect the piles that he spreads. Every chore, job & activity is done with a little pair of helping hands. Everything we do he watches, but involving him can grow his heart to learn the reasons behind the task. I want more for him then to coexist. I want us to work together, laboring in all aspects of life. That connection of the heart, that I will always seek out first. That I will fight for.

Although the things may take longer, the lessons of the heart far outweigh the extended time a quick chore takes.

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