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Dear Working Mom

To the working mom:

I know it tugs at your heart to see photos of their day while you punch the clock to pay the bills. Activities, adventures, exploring the world with the hands of a sitter. Each unthoughtful advice to “just stay home” stinging while you smile & muster out “someday”. They don’t know your story. Working momma they see your efforts that go unspoken. Though the choice is so hard in the here & now, the reward will come. The season will end.

Those babes will grow to know of sacrifice. That you put all your desires aside for the sake of their lives. Education will be valued to the highest extend, the reason for determination clearly displayed in the ever day. When they grow to a heart matured they will smile as they tell of how hard you worked, how much of yourself you gave. This example you are giving them of following Gods calling will stay with them for all the years that are to come. They see. Everyday.

So I know that tears fall silently in the car. That those hard drop off mornings sometimes rip your heart from your chest. Momma I see, because I am with you. But please carry grace for yourself. Know that you are walking out this season because you are strong, because you love. This choice daily to go is courageous. Remember you are providing the tangible needs. Take a deep breath momma & know they are proud of you, I am proud of you.

Sweet working momma, you are doing the very best job. That is what they see.

Tag your favorite working at home or out in the world momma for some hope.

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