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It’s not often I hear the voice of the lord so audibly. Yet when it does it stays in my mind forever. His words speak crisp, cutting through my distracted attention. Tonight as I stood late in the night cutting fruit for frozen teething he spoke. My mind raced, searching for answers. I a creative heart. Yet constantly I struggle to find that ease among photographers, writers, bloggers. Their ability to work naturally left me feeling able but not called. Talents never feeling like they match purpose.

His voice kind & soft in a whisper. “My child, it was never about the photography. It was always about your son” I can always hear his kind smiling eyes.

So msny of us stand here trying to fit these round pegs through square holes. We turn them, move them, make them fit as not everyone can. Yet it’s still a struggle. The ease never comes. We blindly complain that were tired of climbing these mountains while we pass others at the peak of their journeys. We moan to our Lord of how little we understand, demanding answers be clearly spoken. We assume to constantly that our arrival is at hand. That something is wrong if it is not comfortable when we say here is where I know I’m to stay. Boldly we claim the spot in which he is to bless our chosen path.

Yet the lord is always looking beyond our line of site. If we’d only raise our eyes to the heavens well catch glimpses of our hilltop resting place. The culmination of all of the growing, molding & true design can be seen in the distance if we strive to see. For he is a God of perfect design & wants his children to only stand fully refined.

This journey to grow my creative is still a path of beautiful outlets. Yet the purpose of how my dreams are grown & ideas are designed to serve others has never been about the path on which I started out. From the first of my days I’ve always been growing to be his mama. So my heart settles in to mothethood, which was always his beautiful grander plan.

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