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Comparing Crosses


 Often I find people comparing their daily crosses. Who’s is harder, who’s is easier, which person gives up more, quantity over quality. All of which is defined by our biased hearts that do not see fully what God has asked of them.

To some this cross comes simply without thought, like breathing. The mundane. The routine. The every day uneventful. Boring to some, sacred to others. Such a welcomed gift to so many yet such a struggle for others.

I am one of those others. A dreamer, entrepreneur, worker, business starter, project starter, social butterfly to the max & professional busy body. A choice minute by minutes to guide my carefree sidetracked steps. To fight the internal battle to say yes to it all without hesitation. This to many is an internal, physical & mental battle. To silence the to do list, giving ourselves space to serve those inside our home first. To give God the first of our time instead of the last.

Who is to say the days of child raising, house serving, marriage growing do not equal the same amount as a three job, wife, mother & friend. Tonight he spoke to me of the woman who gave her little coin. The others saw a lack of quantity while she was choosing intentionality. He sees your struggle to protect a place of quiet while your habits try to rationalize growing your to do list. He sees you wrestling daily. He sees your efforts, even if you think they’re small.

Today I found myself judging my own cross to those of another. So together let’s remember, all he asks of us…is to be us. Let’s learn to carry our own cross before complaining I should look like another’s.

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