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Choose Joy


Today I’m choosing joy & faith. These two are sometimes such a struggle but oh how God will meet you if you do. If you’ll actively say I WILL CHOOSE to praise. I WILL CHOOSE him. His strength is so much bigger than any hard if we’ll only ask.

With one hour of sleep for both, a 102 fever, teething like a beast & those sweet ears of his still bothering him despite the antibiotics he’s currently on for ear infections 9 & 10 in 8 months. Yet I know he is designed perfect. I know that God himself handcrafted every part of him despite all that I daily don’t understand. I know who my God is, therefore I can rest assure in the perfectness of his children.

The song Oh How He Loves us was not written out of joyous celebration. It was written as the response to a terrible tragedy. The writer sung it for hours, reminding himself, his heart & his faith of Gods sovereignty. Repeated over & over until his spirit was brought back to that place of worship. We often think we must be strong to praise. That we must believe the words we sing. Yet there are days where choosing to sing to God is just as important as singing back to ourselves.

Today we praise.
Today we push through.
Today we choose faith.

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