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Cheers To Crunchy Moms

Never did I imagine this journey of motherhood this way. Always I anticipated it would be easier, less complex, not filled with so much heartache. My dreams always filled with adventures instead of doctors, yummy treats instead of intolerances, health instead of allergies.

Yet here I stand.

Completely different than I ever imagined.

Proud of who I’ve become.

My nights are no longer filled with Pintrest dreaming, nail painting, book reading me time. Rather they are filled with essential oil learning, alternative recipes baking, whole food cooking, organic living documentary watching, homemade diaper cream, eczema lotion, baby powder…the list goes on. No longer can I have this knowledge & not change our lifestyle. No longer can I carelessly buy whatever product is convenient…and no longer do I want to.

So here I stand. Essential oils out the wazoo, gluten free not by choice, dairy free by choice, whole foods only, holistic medicine, crunchy hippie dippie mama. In all my glory. Prouder than I’ve ever been.

Because his health is worth it.

Because he is worth it.

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