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Beauty When We’re Bare

Mommy why did that tree fall down?

I breathed it in for a moment, deciding how to explain this mighty giant falling so far. It was old, tired, worn by the winters. After too many storms it could no longer withstand the winds.

So down it came.

So much of this is our past season. Storm upon storm, wind after wind, these seasons of hard taking a toll on the heart within. Loosening the roots that were once so strong until one day we came crashing down. Dirt flying everywhere in a chaotic dance.

Yet there is beauty in destruction. I stood there breathless in front of this trees sheer magnitude thinking of the way we display ourselves through harsh seasons. What we allow others to see when we come crashing down. Too often we hide the reality of the state of our heart. We protect our self image with “I’m fine” or “oh things are ok” while struggling to keep our heads above water. We crash silently, isolated, alone…just so no one will see.

Yet the crash is just as much a part of the journey as the restoration is. Our brokenness is the very soil from which new life will spring. Nourishment is put back into our souls as we are picked up, wisdom flourishes for tomorrow’s seasons, roots in other areas will grow deeper. Stronger. You could see his little eyes travel from the base of this beauty, to the decomposing sections, to the bugs, to the new sprigs. He could see the cycle even so young.

“It’s feeding them? The tree feeding the plants?”

Yes sweet boy. There is purpose to this.

We grow weary, we crash, we regrow. Life will come from our brokenness just as those new plants do. Yet remember, there is beauty in the fall just as there is beauty in the rise.

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