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Beauty From Ashes

 Tonight I sat editing my little, listening to Gungor sing “You Make Beautiful Things” float with the Holy Spirit in the background. God often speaks to me through music, he sings sweetly.

This message that it is not simply the fact that from the dust he can create magnificent redemption. There is an entire process to the glory of his plan from start to finish. The process in which we are ground to our core, crucial in order to be restored. For him to take the sands of our despair & breath life into them we must first become that dust. In order to become dust we must be burned, ground & crushed. Just as the stones we walk upon one day will become sand. These everyday trials of this world, the weary of motherhood, the demands of “holding it together”. They daily take their toll. These are all refining steps, once that daily bring us closer to the refining hand of his perfect plan. Soon we lay, a soft hill of sand, seated at his throne, broken to the smallest grain.

This. This is where he works. After all of the hard he simply breaths into us. The winds of his lungs catch the grains as they rise in the breeze. Together we swirl, Gods plan & our hearts. Spinning until he sits back to say “this dust I have risen from the ashes of broken to proclaim the beauty of all that you are”. It is in those fine sands that he can create the most perfect if hearts. Put back together, piece by piece.These are all refining steps, once that daily bring us closer to the refining hand of his perfect plan Ground down so that we can be rebuild with every speck in its place.

With broken pieces you can mend. With grains of sand you can completely remold into a new creation from the potters hand.

So breath sweet mamas when the days are long. For when you become dust his hand will mold you into the perfection of his perfect will. Because he is a potter who never leaves his wheel.

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