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Be Still With Me

This. This is my favorite moment of every day. Before work when everything is silently still. Our morning moment.

I love his little face as it sleeps peacefully on the monitor. Getting ready for the day as I wait for him. I hear his door creak open & little feet shuffling to close it. With sleep filled eyes he holds out his arms for me to scoop him up. This moment is always for us. Always sabbath in the chaos.

Then we rock in the stillness of the morning. No talking, no thinking, no examining the day, no rush. We just rock & let our hearts beat together. He tucks his feet under & folds his arms into mine. My hands gently rub his back. This moment always overwhelmed me with love. I get to let the whole world go completely. I get to Judy breath life in. Oh how I treasure this moment. It saves me every day.

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