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Be Kind to “Weirdos”

Tonight I sat at a concert next to a woman with an overflowing backpack, greasy hair from a week ago & endless ticks. Her excitement was unbridled & she wept through most of the songs. How passionately did she love God.

Before it began I had the opportunity to say thank you to JJ Heller for writing her lullaby cd. That as a mom with an always sick kid, those songs breath hope into the hospitals. As soon as I was done without hesitation she introduced herself & gave me this. “It is for your son. God knows” And then went outside for some air.

My heart broke as the girls on the other side (who did no hear her gesture, not that it matters) asked if i would switch her places. Her twitches, overzealous joy & quirky ways made them uncomfortable. So I put this treasured bracelet into my pocket and switched.

But only so she could have more freedom to be herself, fully worship & not hear catty remarks or see rolling eyes.

Mind your words, your actions, your judgements. For they are often made without seeing the heart. Tonight I made a friend who blessed me with the simplest of gifts.

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