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And If Not, He Is Still Good


This place. I find myself here again all to often. The sickie pity dinner, toys scattered for late night cleaning & endless rocking. Sounds of my sweet monster amped up on the steroid drink giggling through the house. There are weeks that I feel as if we live in this place

So much hope for a cure all lied in the double ear tubes not even a week old. Only 5 days later, a croupy cough & one late night ER trip later & here we sit with familiarity

Yet through the weary my heart proclaims Daniel 3:18 over our days. Because even if we are not taken from these days of hard…he is still God. And he is still good. He is not gone from this place, rather he is the endurance on the sleepless nights, he is the bringer of peace through the long days & he is the joy in which we sing loud with giggles in spite of the tears. Surly he is in this place

Who is the enemy to say where our glory lies? Who is he to define the victories given from above? It is our hearts that protect our testimonies. Our hearts that say but he was with me. Our hearts that praise for the protection of his hand through the storm. A victory cannot come without a trial. Joy is not known without the spirit of grace. And we cannot press in if we are not pressed

So here we are. And there he is. And he is good, All the time. And all the time, He is good

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