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A Supper Shared

I’ve always been one of messy dinners filled with life. The most heartfelt treasure in my home will ways be the farm table made by my loves hands. A matching bench that has served our hearts more than a place just to sit. It’s where we stand close, share hugs, my lap always open for snuggles.
Always I have been a no boundaries dinner mom. Sharing from my bowl is something I grew up with. Something I never thought twice about & now hold so dear. Always my family gave to each other without hesitation. We had little but knew the depths of its value. Here we sit. Memories & lessons intertwined about sharing, Gods provision & kindness. Spons clink as laughter a spill over.

For what’s mine is his & what’s ours is Gods. So together we share, hearts & bellies full.

These messy dinners of ours.

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