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5 Years Down

Today my heart is overflowing with joy. Today after another long week I get to see your sweet face. Hug your neck & kiss the one I love. Today is 5 years of marriage, 6 years of together & 17 years of friendship.

I look back only able to weep as God’s had so sovereignly with us. Over the mountains & through the valleys he’s carried us. This romance & grand adventure.

Our first years were spent in a 500sq ft two-bedroom shoebox in a crack neighborhood & now we stand in open country fields where our son can run free. We entered in as a religious couple finding their way & committed ourselves to Christ being baptized in front of our church on a holy Sunday. Prayers for our next meals have been spoken aloud & one day we celebrated becoming debt free. There have been births of so many loved ones & tears over the loss of three grandparents. Through all the years of school we finally cheered you on, as you became the first in the family to get your bachelors. Friends have come into our lives & our hearts have flown with them to countries too far away. Together we became parents, a lesson that has given us a speck of a glimpse into the depths of Gods love for us. After years of close calls we finally experienced your first broken bone with our sweet babe only 4 months old & your arm in a sling. In January we’ll end the most intense season of coming & going, living so far apart for over a year. We’ve seen victories of Gods design & held each other close through brokenness to the core.

Today my love is deeper still, only to be described by an overwhelming all consuming place of my heart. My sweet, I am yours. With all that I am, all that I’ll be, forever I am yours. Always in Christ. Always in friendship. Always in Love. At our wedding your brother said “hold each other through the good times & the bad, keep Christ as your focus & it’ll be good”. And so it is.

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