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1 Peter 1:8-9

I love to read a verse, break it down, read all of the definitions & then re-read it with a fuller understanding. We get to see what he meant by each word he carefully chose. We get to see the depths of those words. To fully understand his heart in precise intimate detail.

This verse is so good. It speaks of this walk of faith when there is no tangibility. Tonight it reminded me of our prayers.

Often we pray for things we have not seen, things we cannot imagine. We pray in hope despite the shouts of the worlds telling us it’ll never happen. The lies, the looks the scoffs. All so thick in a world where you must hold to be true. In this world we still pray. We still believe. We still hope.

Regardless of our here & now we’ve tasted of his goodness. With trained hearts of endurance, we pray with a faith others cannot understand. We carry, as it says, a calm delight that knows he will answer with his perfect will. That his response will bring the greatest blessing. All before he even answers. So while we do not see, we entrust all of our dreams & all of our heart to God. This is faith.

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